There comes a time when you realise that the dusty computer sat in the corner of the room just doesn’t cut it anymore or maybe you just need a new PC to play the latest games. Either way, this article will show you everything you need to know when building a PC.

1. Case

caseProbably the most obvious item on the list, this is important as it will protect your PC from getting damaged. Good Airflow and a high number of fans are important factors when comes to considering what case to buy.  Cases vary in size make sure you get one that fits your motherboard!

2. Graphics Card

Most motherboards have some sort of integrated graphics however if this PC is going beyond anything other than office use, I recommend a graphics card. A graphics card will enable you to display pictures on to the monitor with better colour definition and much higher quality. A top of the range graphics card will enable you to play the latest games at 60 FPS or above!

3. Processor

cpu-processorThe most important part of the computer is the Central Processing Unit (CPU). This is effectively controls the speed at which your PC is running. The better the processor the faster the computer will be able to process data and execute actions so that loading programs and games happens seamlessly.


Random Access Memory (RAM) is another key component for your computer. RAM is basically your computer’s short term memory. It stores the data that you are actively using, such as program’s and games, so that they can be accessed quickly.


There are two types of storage, HDD and SSD. You should pick which one to get based on your needs. If you want more storage space at a cheaper price, go with a HDD. However samsung_mz_76e4t0b_am_860_evo_4tb_internal_1382501if budget isn’t a problem and you want to be able to access information fast then SSD is your pick. However personally I prefer to go hybrid, HDD for main storage and SSD for OS and certain games.

6. Power Supply

The power supply, as the name suggests, supplies the power from your socket to your PC. Its important to choose a power supply based on the amount of power you will be using. Choosing a power supply too weak for your PC and it will cause a whole host of problems. A 600w power supply will be strong enough for most systems however if you want to check to make sure you this calculator.


Make sure that all the parts you pick are compatible! An easy way to do this is use PCPartPicker, just add the parts you are using and it will tell you if there are any incompatibilities.

Do your research! The computer you will build depends on your budget however make sure the price is suited to your needs. For example an office computer could be built with a very small budget. Where as if the main use is going to be video editing you might want to go for a more powerful computer.