Find it difficult saving up for that expensive holiday or the newest gadget? It doesn’t help with the bombardment of advertisements we see every day. This article will show you everything you need to know about saving money so you don’t have to miss out!

Record Your Expenses

This is the first step that you need to take before trying to save money. Due to the fact that most people pay exclusively with credit or debit cards now, it can get quite difficult to keep track of your spending when all you have to do is swipe a card. Although with the bad comes newer innovations like online banking. This means you can check your balance and transactions easily through the online app. Keep an eye on your balance from day to day to get a rough idea of how much you spend then add in any payments that you make on a monthly basis.


Budget Yourself

Easier said than done, I find it best by organising my budgets into categories. Using your expenses, set a separate budget for food shopping, clothes shopping and so on. Alternatively budget yourself based on what you spend daily, weekly and monthly. This allows me to plan out my week ahead of time knowing how much I can spend on certain things.

Check All Subscriptions and Direct Debit Payments

Remember that website you went on years ago and you thought it was of upmost importance to sign up to there premium service never to be used again? Cancel it! It was only last week that I finally realised I had been paying for Amazon Prime for the last 6 months, so make sure you know what your paying for!

Get Cheaper Bills

Monthly service payments can take a huge chunk out of your wage without you realising. Look for different providers for cheaper prices. If that fails ring up each provider and ask to cancel, normally they will try to keep you with a discount sometimes upwards of 50%. This can be done with phone contracts, TV and internet providers, gas and electric.


Prioritize What You Buy

Your weekly food shop, clothes and transport costs are all going to be high priority as they are things that you can’t go without. After these rank the other things you do, spending money on hobbies, eating out or going out clubbing, these are all lesser priorities so try to lower how often you do them.

Thanks for reading my article, I hope you find some of these tips useful. If you want more posts like this then like the post.