So as the season comes to a close and everyone’s fighting for those last wins to get into the next league, I decided why not show you the heroes I’ve been playing and that got me into platinum! Don’t worry I’ll be diamond next season…


roadhog (1)First off its Roadhog, definitely my main at the moment. With his short range shotgun burst and medium range scatter shot its a struggle to survive if you get too close. Knowing when to use which shot separates the good Roadhog players from the great! Alongside this his amazing hook ability allows you to drag any enemy right in front of you, this can also be used to drag players off the map if you turn towards a drop as you hook someone. His self-heal ability in my opinion is the best healing ability in the game, in fact I struggle to not get the gold medal for healing most games! While his ultimate can be slightly lackluster using it in the correct situations can send all your enemies flying off a cliff creating an easy opening for you to take an objective.


pharah-gameplayPharah is a close second when it comes to play time. I found this hero a struggle at first but as soon as I picked up on positioning and leading shots I was destroying the enemies left, right and centre. Using a combination of her jump ability (Shift) and her flight ability you are able to stay in the air almost indefinitely, this can be difficult while in the middle of combat so make sure you practice this, be careful though as you are an easy target for a widow. Concussive blast can be used in order to separate yourself from the enemy but also to bounce them off the map. Pharah’s ultimate outputs insane amounts of damage in seconds however also makes you an easy shot, make sure you use this when the enemy aren’t looking at you to get the best effect.


doomfist-screenshot-001I only recently started playing Doomfist and as the first assassin style character I’ve tried to learn he has been an absolute joy. Doomfist is all about getting up close and personal, dealing massive amounts of damage, then getting out before anyone even notices you were there. This can be made possible by the huge array of movement abilities at his disposal. Doomfist’s standard ability shoots a short range burst from his fists, unlike most weapons this can not be reloaded and instead recharges over time. His right click is a charge ability that causes him to lunge forward and knock back anyone in his way. Seismic Slam (E) launches him through the air and knocks anyone up that he lands on and finally Uppercut (Shift) throws himself and anyone in front of him into the air. The great thing about Doomfist is all his abilities can be combo’d differently in different situations and it makes you feel like your playing Street Fighter instead of Overwatch!

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