New season, new Overwatch! I was just in the middle of getting my loot boxes for this week and to my surprise a new competitive game mode, hidden away in the arcade! This article will tell you everything you need to know about the new game mode.


What is it?

This game mode is a 4 player vs 4 player team death-match, first to 30 kills wins! This has been seen in the arcade before however it has never been competitive. You will still have to complete placement matches in order to find out your SR for this game mode, which will be ranked separately from the normal competitive mode.

How long is it here for?

The fact that it is in the arcade section looks to me as though unfortunately it is not here to stay. However how long are we going to get to enjoy it for? Most things in the arcade cycle on daily/weekly/biweekly cycles so I expect it to follow this pattern.

Which Heroes Are Best For This Game Mode?

Enough of the logistics lets get into the gameplay. Smaller maps and less players cause the dynamics to shift in favour of different heroes, so who works best in this game mode?


Although not often picked in the normal competitive game mode Mei definitely comes alive in 4v4 death match. The map being smaller is a huge advantage to her as its easier to get close to the enemy and freeze them.



Genji is an absolute beast when it comes to the 1v1 duels and the fact that there are less players works in his favour enabling him to pick off enemies while they are trying to group.



Bastion’s results depend on the team composition that is backing him, in this game mode the same applies however as the map is smaller there is no way of avoiding him. Make sure you have a long ranged DPS who can take him down or try to interrupt his turret stance.